Meet the Team

Excited to have the party everyone won't stop talking about? We'll set you up with the perfect DJ to get your entire neighborhood talking.


DJ/MC Kevin

Starting at the age of 12, DJ Kevin was introduced to the art of DJ'ing and since has built up such a passion for music and sounds mixing! Over the years he has learned how to mix different varieties of music for all sorts of crowds.  DJ Kevin can now rock any event, any set of music, for any type of crowd!  Spinning at events all over the states and overseas, DJ Kevin with his unique style of mixing has built a reputation that leaves clients coming back for more!  Along with his style of DJ'ing, DJ Kevin can also get the crowd hyped and motivated with his amazing voice!  Having taught himself how to MC early in his career during numerous events, MC Kevin makes sure his crowd is on their feet the whole night, keeping those hands in the air, and being interactive with the guests!  With his Event Management skills, he will make sure each and every event is operated smoothly and everything goes according to plan!


DJ Sammy

Being in the business for 11 years now, DJ Sammy has catered to all types of events.  Having been to the high class venues, rocked all types of music, but his passion and main goal has stayed the same.  Making sure his client’s events are 110% ROCKED!  Rocking events all over the states, DJ Sammy has made many dream events a reality! With amazing mixing skills, endless music selection, DJ Sammy knows just how to get the crowd hyped & moving! Not only is DJ Sammy great behind the DJ Booth but he will make sure that your event look absolutely amazing! With his creative mind DJ Sammy makes sure that the event lights are up bright and that the ambiance is perfect for any event!


DJ Smooth

DJ  Smooth, is known for his amazing mixing/cutting skills when it comes to being on the decks! His great music choice will keep the crowd rocking on their feet all night long!  DJ Smooth will make sure everyone is having a great time and is accommodating the right type of music for the crowd. Smooth's ability to flawlessly mix and scratch songs and rock the party without any hesitation sets him apart from all other DJs. He is well respected by his peers as well as his audience.  Once Smooth takes control over the music, he lifts the atmosphere at any venue and is always making people ask for more each and every time!